Osclass Facebook Publisher Document


  • Auto post ad to Facebook page whenever an ad was posted/activated/enabled.
  • Support multi Facebook pages. Different Facebook pages for different categories.
  • Auto delete Facebook post when an ad be deleted.
  • On/off Facebook posting for specific categories.
  • Simple setting panel. Easy to install and ready to use.
  • * Plugin only post ad to Facebook if ad’s title has similarity less than 70% compare to last post title. This function purpose is for spam prevention. It means if you post 2 ads with the same title, the second ad won’t be posted to Facebook page.

Befenits when use this plugin:

  • Increase access to your website via your Facebook page.
  • You can have different pages for different categories. This help you to build a better community for your business.
  • Support for initial setup


  • Osclass version: >= 3.2
  • You need to have a Facebook application in order to use this plugin. If you don’t have any Facebook app, see here to know how to create one.
  • Enter your application id & application secret, then click Authorize.1
  • You will be redirected to Facebook to allow the application to publish to your Facebook page, if you accept you will be redirected back to your site. See below.234
  • After authorization, your pages will appear in the list. Click edit to update page information. Click remove if you want to remove a page from list. Remove action just remove page from list, it does not remove page from Facebook. You can have only 1 default page.5
  • Select page for categories: you can select different pages for each category. Select ‘none’ if you want to stop posting for that category.7

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